Below you can see all of the parents of our Bernedoodle puppies.

Click HERE to see only the fathers and HERE to see only the mothers.


Zuma is one of our beautiful Bernese Mountain girls. She has a happy and outgoing personality, and is calm, confident, and so sweet! She loves hugs and snuggles, and still thinks she’s at lap dog...


Zoey is an absolutely stunning Bernese Mountain girl with perfect conformation and a very regal bearing. She’s sweet, outgoing, and just a genuine love, with the best manners and a queenly demeanor.


About Stella is one of our past Charles babies and a gorgeous red sable/white f1 Bernedoodle. She has a bubbly personality and is such a happy, goofy girl, great with the kids and our other...


Skye is one of our beautiful and sweet Bernese Mountain girls. She’s an average size, and has perfect conformation, a thick and glossy coat, and such a beautiful face! She’s a very intelligent dog, and...


Sadie is a beautiful Bernese Mountain girl, and has a thick and high quality coat, a sweet face, and perfect conformation.


We raised Pippa from one of the first Bernedoodle litters born on our farm. She’s such a sweet and special girl, very outgoing, friendly, and smart! Her coat is wavy-curly and non shedding, and so...


Lady is a beautiful Bernese Mountain girl with the sweetest temperament! She loves everyone and is just a big teddy bear with so much personality, and she LOVES treats!


Meet Harvey!! This boy has the most incredible personality and is so much fun! He has a more laidback demeanor but he’s super goofy and charming, very outgoing and loves everyone, and he’s so smart!


Laura is one of our smaller Bernese girls, and she’s absolutely stunning! She has a sweet, happy, and outgoing personality and loves everyone she meets!

Captain Charles

Captain Charles, or Charley as we call him, is our absolute pride and joy! At 45 lbs, he is a small size for a standard Poodle, but he is just bursting with personality!


Bianca is one of our beautiful Bernese Mountain girls, and all sugar and sweetness! She has a stocky build, great conformation, a wide head, and a thick and stunning coat!


Bernie is a very handsome and charming f1b tri-color Bernedoodle, with a gentle and laidback personality. He’s absolutely stunning, has a completely clear genetic panel, and the best personality, and he’s just a big teddy...


Bella means beautiful, and that’s why it had to be this beautiful mama’s name. Bella has a sweet and bubbly personality and has never met a stranger.


Ana is a beautiful tri-color f1 Bernedoodle with a happy, outgoing, and social personality! Her rust markings have not faded at all and are still a stunning bronze! She’s a small size standard at 55...