Hello there, and thank you for visiting our website! We have a waitlist for our puppies and may or may not have any available after the families on the waitlist have chosen. If you are interested in joining the waitlist for one of our beautiful babies, we ask that you fill out and submit our application as a first step. We will review your application, and once approved, we will contact you and send you an estimation of the wait time for the type of puppy you requested. Please note that this is only an estimation and the wait time can be a bit longer or shorter than expected. We do our best to estimate accurately, however, we’re working with nature and there are many variables beyond our control. Pregnancies don’t always happen as planned and litter sizes can vary greatly, especially with the Bernedoodles.

We ask for a $300 nonrefundable downpayment to reserve your spot on the waitlist. As a note, we do not have a payment button on our website, as we want to have some communication and an approved application prior to you sending a downpayment. We will send you a link for the downpayment after your application has been approved. Once we receive the downpayment your name is added to the waitlist and we send you an email confirmation.

What happens after you reserve your spot on the waitlist? Depending on the length of our waitlist you may not hear from us for a while. We have not forgotten about you though! If we see that the wait time will be significantly longer or shorter than estimated we’ll let you know, otherwise we’ll send an announcement when we have a litter born in which we expect to have babies for you to choose from.  A new litter will also be announced on our “current litters” page when the babies are 1-2 weeks old, with updated pictures posted at 3 weeks and again just before the selection process.

Selections take place when the babies are 4-5 weeks old. At that time we’ll start at the top of the waitlist and each family will be able to choose their puppy in the order of deposit received. We have only a rolling waitlist, not a specific list for each litter. Since litters vary so much in number (there may be only a few babies or as many as 12) we feel like this is the best way to be fair to everyone. You are never required to choose from a specific litter. If none of the available puppies match your preferences when it’s your turn to choose, you can stay on the waitlist for the next litter. Once a family chooses their puppy, their name is removed from the waitlist and everyone else moves up. After you choose your puppy we will continue to send a weekly update until the puppy is old enough to go home with you. The pickup date for the Bernedoodles is usually the Saturday after they turn 8 weeks old. Since the Cavapoos are smaller, we like to keep them an extra week in order to give them more time to grow. The pickup date for the Cavapoos will be the Saturday after they turn 9 weeks old. At that time you can either drive to pick up your puppy in person, or we can schedule delivery. We offer flight nanny delivery and/or personal delivery throughout the US for an additional fee. We (or our nannies) will also be able to drive the puppy to your home if that makes more sense based on distance. Delivery fees are subject to change, so if you’re interested in that option you can ask us for a price quote.

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